The English Version of “Iran Migration Outlook”

International migration has become a common phenomenon around the world and almost all countries face different levels of emigration or immigration. Therefore, migration might create opportunities for […]

Iran first migration outlook unveiled

Tehran (IP) – The unveiling ceremony of Iran Migration Outlook was held on Tuesday as the first and most reliable data about the migration of the […]


Abstract: More than 3 million Afghans—refugees, regular migrants and irregular migrants—reside in Iran. They are a significant community whose migration and migration aspirations are of international, […]

Iran Migration Gate: Facts and fallacies about Iranian emigrants

Abstract: This report sheds light on one of the most common issues in migration field. The main goal of this report is not ignoring migration phenomenon […]

Urbanization, Refugees and Irregular migrants in Iran, 2017

Abstract: Urbanization, refugees and irregular migrants in Iran is a research project designed to study the intertwining of urbanization, rural development, migration and immigration processes in […]

International Mobility of Students and Graduates (The World and Iran)

Abstract: This book illustrates trends of international student and graduate mobility in the world and Iran which is a part of brain migration policy making plan […]

International Policies and Programs for Brain Circulation

Abstract: Migration is one of the major consequences of globalization which has led to a raise in mobility of skills, knowledge, ideas, and wealth beyond boundaries, […]

Global Wealth Circulation

Abstract: The AfrAsia bank released “Global Migration Report 2019”, and “New World Wealth” in 2019. These reports show wealth circulation trends in the past decade and […]

Is Brain Drain limited for Developing Countries?

Abstract: A review of global statistics on human capital motility, especially mobility of talents and highly educated people, shows that most of the countries in the […]

Iranian International Student Mobility

Abstract: Human capital, especially talented and highly educated is one of the main assets of any countries. In Iran, student and talent mobility has always been […]

Immigrants Entrepreneurship in the United States

Abstract: Migration phenomenon, generally, has led to political debates among policy-makers. On the other hand, there is no much attention to positive impacts of immigrant entrepreneurship. […]


Abstract: Remittances are one of the most important sectors of the migration economy. In the recent years, remittances, as one of the largest and most stable […]

Iranian International Student mobility in North America (The U.S. and Canada)

Abstract: The flows of international students are strongly influenced by social and political conditions of origin and destination countries. For example, due to economic sanctions against […]

Potential Net Migration Index (PNMI); An Overview of Iran’s Ranking

Abstract: This report is based on Gallup’s data analysis about desire and potential of migration in the world. Accordingly, Iran Migration Observatory has tried to examine […]

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index: An Overview of Iran’s Rank

َAbstract: The Global Talent Competitiveness Index was first launched in 2013 which measures the competitiveness of countries to enable, attract, grow and retain of talents. The […]

An overview of international migration flows in Iran and other countries

Abstract: This report entitled “International Migration Flow” is results of the latest studies conducted by Iran Migration Observatory. By considering lacking of specialized studies and data […]