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Overview of the international migration flow in Iran and other countries

This report entitled “International Migration Flow” is results of the latest studies conducted by Iran Migration Observatory. By considering lacking of specialized studies and data about migration in Iran, this study aims to provide the most up-to-date international migration data, by focusing on “talents and international student mobility”. In this report we have investigated the impacts of economic changes on migration flows (out-flow and returning) in Iran.

The first part of this report refers to the Potential Net Migration Index (PNMI), which shows the attractiveness of countries to encourage their adults to stay or migrate based on Gallup surveys. In the second section, the status of Iran in attracting and retaining international talents has been explained and interpreted by using “GTCI”. Section three has focused on one of the most fascinating but neglected aspects of migration: “remittances”. In this section, we have studied about economic impacts of remittances on origin countries, especially in migrant sending countries. In the final section, we have addressed impacts of the latest economic changes in Iran on desire to migration among different social groups, especially students.

Featured Report

Iranian International Student Mobility

Human capital, especially talented and highly educated is one of the main assets of any countries. In Iran, student and talent mobility has always been one of the major concerns of decision-makers and politicians. One of the most important challenges in this field is lack of reliable data and research. Therefore, analyzing trends of Iranian international student mobility can be effective way to understand Iran’s status and rank in the world.

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Desire to re-migrate among people who emigrated before

The questionnaire has been designed by Sharif Policy Research Institute (Iran Migration Observatory) to measure Iranians’ academics, professionals and entrepreneurs desire to re migrate to abroad who emigrated before for educational, working or living purposes by focusing of recent economic changes in Iran. The questionnaire aims to measure desire to migration among…

Active Survey

Desire to Migrate in Iran after recent economic changes

The questionnaire has been designed by Sharif Policy Research Institute (Iran Migration Observatory) to measure Iranians’ desire to migration after recent economic changes. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of various political, cultural and social factors especially the impact of recent economic shocks (e.g. devaluation of currency) on willingness….

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