Student Mobility

Talent and international student mobility is one of the main research subjects in Iran Migration Observatory. This field of research has always been one of the interests of many people, including politicians, academics, and etc. In this regard, the key role of the Iran Migration Observatory as a migration policy research center is to study and investigate the talent and student mobility in Iran and the world in order to propose policies and plans to policy makers to manage international student mobility trend in Iran. The most important activities of this Observatory in the field of international student mobility are:

  • Providing reliable data and information:Despite the importance of Iranian international student mobility, there is no reliable statistical data and data-portal about international talent and student mobility in Iran and we have to cite other available international reports in our analysis but these data resources are not adequate. In this regard the Observatory aims to evaluate data and information reliabilities about Iranian international students.
  • Observing global trends of international talent and student mobility:Observing trends of international student mobility is one of the main tools in international student mobility policy making. The observatory analysis the most up-to-date statistics about global trends of international student mobility.
  • Observing international reports on student mobility:the observatory investigate and analyze international reports by focusing on global trends of international talent and student mobility as well as trends of Iranian international student mobility.
    Research: international student mobility governance and policy making requires fundamental and applied researches. In this regard, the observatory aims to conduct researches about international student mobility in Iran to guide policy makers. One of the outstanding research projects is “Students and graduates desire to migration” due to economic challenges Iran after 2018.
  • Education: Iran Migration Observatory is holding several seminars and courses such as holding the first international migration summer school Iran in June 2019. International student mobility was one of the main subjects discussed in the seminar.
  • Promotion:Providing useful and reliable information for Iranian students and talents and improving their knowledge about migration is one of the key goals of Iran Migration Observatory.

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