Working Groups

Worldwide migration is broadly categorized into three categories of forced migration and asylum, Student mobility and economic and labor migration. Therefore, the activities of the Iran Migration Observatory have been defined in separate working groups to examine the trends, policies and programs of migration in the world and in Iran in a centralized manner.

Student Mobility

One of the axes that the Iran Migration Observatory focuses on is the migration of elites and students. This issue has always been of interest to many people, including the general public, politicians, academics, and industry. In the meantime ….

Refugee and Forced Migration

By 2018, more than 70 million people have been forced to leave their homes, and the global refugee population has reached more than 25 million. The root of this has often been due to war or conflict or natural hazards. Iran has a long history of ……

Economic Migration

An Important part of migration in our Country and around the world is Economic and Labor Migration. Around 64% of international migrants worldwide are labor migrants who cross the borders of their country to access a fair labor market…..

Migration Governance

The phenomenon of migration and mobility of people from village to city, city to other city and country to other country has been around for centuries. In recent decades, the growth of new technologies and the development of societies…..

Environmental Migration

The negative impacts of environmental crises and natural disasters caused by climate change have led to an increase in forced displacements over the past decades. Millions of people are displaced every year by natural disasters…..