Iran Migration Profile

No.2/ December 2019


Iran Migration Profile is an overview of international migration in various fields including: student mobility, labor and economic migration, forced migration (asylum and environment migration)

In Iran Migration Profile, we have used the most up-to-date available national and international migration reports including: World Migration Report 2019, Migration Outlook 2019, and Open Doors 2019.

Due to difficulty of compiling and integrating diverse international migration data in sending and receiving countries of migrants, usually the released data refers to one or two years prior of published report. Therefore, majority of migration reports in 2019 used data in 2017 and 2018.

The “Iran Migration Observatory” provides data in 2019 from national and local resources by citing the most credible global migration reports in 2019.

All data in “Iran Migration Profile” has been released without any interpretation. However, “Iran Migration Outlook” which will be released at the end of March 2020, provides all available national and international migration data, as well as the results of recent national migration- related survey and expert analyzes.

Authors (by Alphabet):

Fahimeh Behzadi, Davood Eyvazlu, Omid Hasirbafan, Mohammad Amin Mowla, Zohreh Rabiee, Bahram Salavati, Roghayyeh Samadi